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How To Save Your Android Smartphone Battery Life

Battery Saver

It has no doubt that most of the people spend their time by using their smartphone on daily basis without using other gadgets like a laptop, tablet. Show battery life is one of the most important factors while using the smartphone. So here are some tips by using which you …

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Simple Steps To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your PC

Remove Shortcut Virus

Shortcut Virus is a program which spread through the flash drive, the Internet & third party applications. It simply creates the replica for original files & folders. And when the user opens such replica files it helps to install malicious software & virus. Many people think that this virus is not …

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How To Identify Correct Owner Of Phone Numbers

Find Unwanted Caller

It is a well-known term for most of the users that they are getting calls from an unknown user. With the help of Internet, you can identify correct owner. There are many websites that tell about the information of the caller. Sadly, most seemingly free services will redirect you to …

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Useful Google Chrome Features You Don’t Know About

Google Chrome Tips

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser from google & it is available for all platforms including Mobile, Laptop/Desktop & Tables. So here we are discussing some useful hidden Chrome features. Swipe Between Tabs:- For swipe, your tabs simply click & simultaneously drag to left/right according to your need. …

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Tips & Tricks To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number

WhatsApp Without Phone Number

Every people from the globe use WhatsApp for their daily communications but everyone uses its primary phone number for registration of WhatsApp. Now here are some tips by using which you can able to use WhatsApp without phone number. As mentioned below there are two methods available by using which you can able to …

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