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Top 5 Best Icon Packs For Android | Customizations

Are you tired with your original app icons which shifts with you when you purchase your device now, no need to worry about anything because you can use these cool Icons Packs on Your Android.An icon pack is an application that replaces all your icons with customized ones. In general, they’re very simple to install, and you can do that in the same way as you would any other app.

App Icon Pack|Icons For Android

Icon Packs For Android

There are many icon packs out there that look similar to Click UI, but this one has a fair claim to being one of the first to introduce icons with subtle long shadows that give them a sense of gentle motion.The app was last updated on November 2016 and there’s a super-simple icon-request tool included for any of your favorite app icons that are missing.The app cost you around $1 to install.

Bringing smooth vector graphics with a retro swing to Android, Retrorika takes the material design and runs 30 years of cigarette smoke through it. Each icon brings a unique take on the original design, too; it’s a passion project, with a great attention to detail, and it’s for this reason that it makes it into this list. Retrorika cost you Rs.44 for download.

Polycon is the first free option in this list, but it’s not just that you can get it without handing over any cash that makes it worth checking out.If you like a mostly stock Android experience with some pizazz, Polycon’s icons provide sleek, flat, colorful flourishes.

Bringing Material Design icons with a little-handcrafted tweak is CandyCon’s forte. The pack has 1070 icons at last count, including multiple color choices for some of the more popular ones.

This app is created by the same developer as CandyCons.That means that using it is just the same too – depending on which launcher you choose, long-pressing an icon should give you an option to swap it out, though all the default ones are applied as standard when you select PixBit as your icon manager in your chosen launcher.The PixBit app cost you around Rs.95 to install

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