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How To Get Verified On Twitter Simple Steps | Tips And Tricks

One of the highest forms of social media currency is a verification logo on top networks like Instagram and Twitter. Though both are governed by separate social media entities, the parallels as far as successfully being verified are very similar. So in this article, I will tell you about How To Get Verified On Twitter Simple Steps.

Verified On Twitter | how to get a verified twitter account

Get Verified On Twitter Simple Steps

First, head over to Twitter’s verification request form to start the process for how to get verified on Twitter. Note that you’ll need to be logged into your target Twitter account to complete the form.

In order for your account to be considered for verification, you’ll need to have the following elements present in your profile:

  • A verified phone number. This helps to confirm your identity and correctly associate your online persona with your offline entity.
  • A confirmed email address. According to Twitter, if the account is a company or organization account, the email address associated with the account should be a company or organization email address (i.e. info@yourwebsite.com).
  • A bio. For best results during the process of getting verified on Twitter, it should accurately reflect the nature of your public persona.
  • A profile photo. If you have a strong presence on another social network (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), make sure these photos match. On networks like Instagram where you cannot yet request verification, they grab relevant information from other social networks to make a verification decision.
  • A header photo. When considering brands for verification, Twitter holds those that have completed their profile in the highest regards. An incomplete profile will hurt your chances, even if you fit all other verification dimensions.
  • Your birthday. This is only relevant for accounts that aren’t the company, brand or organization). You can choose to display this information depending on the audience you’ve chosen and can change that in your settings. Like your phone number, this simply helps to confirm your identity.
  • Your website. If you’re a public figure or brand, you really should have a website. Twitter will use this to determine your status as a legitimate entity.
  • Tweets set to “Public.” It’s hard to be seen as a public figure if your Tweets are private!

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