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How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram | Verification Badge Instagram

Social media verification is one of the most sought-after icons on the web. Just about anything else you can obtain a little bit of tenacity or a bit of trickery. So in this article, I will tell you How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram.

Instagram Verification badge

Verification Badge Instagram

Instagram has a basic help page that is more or less taken wholesale from the Facebook version, which doesn’t bode well for its value. Here’s what it says specifically.

What is a verified badge on Instagram? It’s a little checkmark, blue as it is on almost every network, next to the user’s name in the search and in their profile. The only accounts that can be verified are those representing well known public figures, celebrities, and “global brands” on Instagram. Verification is given to these accounts to combat the high likelihood of impersonation, which Instagram doesn’t like or want to deal with if at all possible. Of course, they do have a process in place for reporting impersonation.

What does a verified Instagram badge do? All it does for this network is make it easier to identify you as being you, rather than someone who shares your name or who is impersonating you. It’s just an icon and carries no special powers, access, or security. Verification won’t make it any harder to hack or access your account, nor does it give you access to any special tools like Pinterest’s does.

Can you request verification? According to Instagram’s help page, no. “Right now, only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request a verified badge.” Instead, Instagram recommends that you provide other forms of social proof of your identity, like linking your other social accounts.

Some people also wonder, if they have a verified account on Facebook and Facebook owns Instagram, why don’t they have a verified account on Instagram? The answer is because they’re different systems on different sites. Maybe if they had a unified login you would be able to do that, but there’s no such unified system in place.

That said, verification on Facebook and Twitter can be helpful. You can link from those pages to your official Instagram, which lends it credibility. An impersonator can’t do that, so the verification does give you an additional bit of, well, verification. One thing it won’t do, however, makes it any easier to verify an Instagram profile.

Verification on Instagram is relatively new. It was only launched in December of 2014, so it’s still under a year old. Consider it more of a pilot program than a public access program right now, and you’ll have the right attitude. It’s just not possible to do a specific set of steps to achieve verification.

That said, you can certainly do things to make it more likely that you will be verified the next time they go through and verify accounts.

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