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How to hack a FACEBOOK account

Hacking a FACEBOOK account

How to hack a facebook account??we must have an Operating system installed in our computer,may be in a direct or indirect way(by using virtual machines),we use KALI LINUX as our hacking os to hack into others facebook account.Let’s look how to hack a FACEBOOK account.

Kali linux is the best operating system in which all the tools for hacking is build by default in it.

Step 1:

Start the kali linux OS,we here use kali as a virtual machine installed in Oracle VM virtual box.

Step 2:

Open the terminal in kali linux and know your ip address of your Virtual machine.

Step 3:

Now type a command “setoolkit” (without braces) and hit enter.

Hacking facebook using setoolkit

Step 4:

Now select option 1: Social Engineering Attacks.

Step 5:

Now select option 2: Website attack vendors

Step 6:

Now select option 3: Credential Harvester attack.

Step 7:

Now select option 2: Site cloner


Step 8:

Now it asks for the ip address to which it must clone the site.Type your IP(kali IP)

Step 9:

It asks for url to clone the site,give the whole site name http://www.facebook.com/


Step 10:

Now it takes a bit to load the sever(apache server) in the backend.Type y when it asks for conformation,and hit enter.

Step 11:

Now Use bitly url shortener and shorten the ip address of your kali linux.You will get some thing like http:bit.ly/5678999.Send it to your friend to hack the account like

Hey!!!Here is your childhood pic I have collected from somewhere and uploaded in Facebook.Please do watch that in this link http:bit.ly/5678999.

When he clicks this link automatically he is given a fb page but its fake and the username and password will be stored in apache server home/var/www folder.

For more info about hacking a FACEBOOK account visit kali linux official website

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