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How To Make Conference Call On iPhone | Tips & Tricks

If you are using Apple iPhone then you have the ability to merge almost 5 calls at a time. So in this article, I will tell you How To Make Conference Call On iPhone.

Conference Call | how to make a conference call on iphone

How to Make Conference Call On iPhone

Start by making a call and then placing the caller on hold. Tap Add Call to make another call and then Merge Calls to bring everybody together. Repeat this exercise to add the other calls.

  • Make a call.
  • Tap Add Call and dial in the second phone number. The first call recipient will be placed on hold
  • Tap Merge Calls to connect both parties together
  • Repeat steps two and three to add

Tips For Conference On iPhone

  • iPhone is actually a two-line phone, and one of the available lines can be involved in a conference call.

  • If you want to drop a call from a conference, tap Conference and then tap the red circle with the little picture of the phone in it that appears next to the call. Tap End Call to make that caller go bye-bye.

  • You can speak privately (one-on-one) with one of the callers in a conference. Tap Conference, and then tap Private next to the caller you want to go hush-hush with. Tap Merge Calls to bring the caller back to the Conference so everyone can hear him or her.

  • You can add a new incoming caller to an existing conference call by tapping Hold Call + Answer followed by Merge Calls.

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