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How To Permanently Delete WeChat Account?

We all know that there are many Messaging apps are available on the internet like Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Snap chat and others.Our mobile become a universal remote which can operate many devices.We chat with friends, family members and with our lovers.

Today I’m going to share the tutorial on How to permanently delete weChat account.If you’re eagerly waiting for this tutorial and pack your bags and start the journey.

Delete we chat account permanently

If you see every option in the setting then you got already know that Wee chat doesn’t have options to delete Weechat account permanently like Whatsapp.It is because Wee chat doesn’t allow users to delete their account directly from a single button for some kind of security reason(Maybe).So you have to follow some steps before deleting your account permanently.

Step 1. Delete chat history

The first step is deleting chat history from your Weechat account.Login into your WeChat app and then go to setting and then click on “Clear Chat History” and then clear all your chat history.

Step 2.Cancel third-party services

After the removing the chat history from your Wee chat account you have to cancel the services of third party apps.If you connected your Facebook, GMAIL with your Wee chat app then unlink the accounts and proceed to next step.

Step 3. Send your Request Email to Wee Chat.

After following the first and second step, now you have to send an email requesting to Wee Chat on your account cancellation.As I told you that Wee chat doesn’t allow to delete your account directly from your app, so this is the only method to delete your Wee chat account.

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