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Top Free Android Antivirus / Security Applications Available On PlayStore

As you know Android devices nowadays are very popular. Security is one of the most important things which everyone should focus. Now there are thousands of Android applications available for Android antivirus on play store. In this article, we are finding out top 5 security applications from play store which are free & work extremely fine.

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  • CM Security Antivirus

CM Security antivirus and app lock application available on Play Store for free. The best part about CM security app is that it has the highest rating of 4.7 and it is lite and fast. You can download this application from here.

  • Avast mobile security and antivirus

Avast mobile security is also a good security app which comes with tons of features like remover, protector, scanner and network meter. You can download Avast mobile antivirus from here.

  • AVG antivirus security

AVG Antivirus Security is also a very popular Android app and has good features. It has some new features like sim lock etc. You can download AVG Antivirus Security from here.

  • Bitdefender antivirus

One of the good thing about Bitdefender antivirus is that it performs multi functions. You do not need to click on scan, protect because if the anti-virus feels that some problem is occurring then it automatically scans the phone in the background. You can download Bitdefender antivirus from here.

  • 360 security

This app also helps you to secure your Android smartphone from virus and malicious files. It also works as privacy advisor and system optimizer. You can download this software from here.

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