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How To Set Full-Size WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Crop

We all know that WhatsApp only accepts square type WhatsApp profile picture but there are few ways using which you can able To Set Full-Size WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Crop.

WhatsApp Prof Pic Without crop|WhatsApp

Full-Size WhatsApp Profile Picture

There are few apps which help you to set Full-Size WhatsApp Profile picture they are as 1) Square Droid APK  2) No Crop For WhatsApp APK  3) WhatsCrop APK

WhatsApp is one of the most famous & trending chat messaging app available. The cropping for the picture to set as DP is not a good idea so the above apk will help you to set your DP without cropping the image. Although there are many photo squarer apps available in the Google play store but Following are the five best photo squarer app for android which will shape your picture into square size. These apps will let you share your full-size pictures without the crop. These photo squarer apps also provide you many other interesting tools like changing the background, add text, add emojis, add stickers, filters and blur effect to your photos.

Square Droid:- Square Droid is one of best photo squarer app. It allows you to resize any image to square size without the crop.

No Crop For WhatsApp:-No Crop for WhatsApp is highly customized pics editing app. This app adjusts the picture size to the maximum allowed without losing any part of it, to avoid cropped picture.

WhatsCrop:- This also does the same task so that you can set your DP without cropping image.


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