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Is it Possible To Find Out Who Visited My Facebook Profile ???

Almost every people use Facebook as social media platform & most asked question is “Is there any way to find who visited my profile”. So in this article, I will tell you Is it Possible To Find Out Who Visited My Facebook Profile.

Who Visited My Facebook | who visited my facebook profile

Is It Possible ???

There are lots of links available that promise to reveal the identity of who visits our profile or Facebook wall.But in actual condition, there is no way to find who visited your profile.Although there are many browser extensions, applications, and tricks that we will find on the Internet, that actually do many things and none of them related to knowing who has visited your Facebook profile.

Social Profile View Notification(Extension)

Though Google Chrome is the most used browser, we have hundreds of extensions available that promise total control over social networks with the possibility of knowing who visits my profile on Facebook or Twitter. In the best of cases, we will get an extension that does not do what it promises and that sneaks some advertising while we navigate. In the worst case, we will end up with malware on the computer or mobile phone and our personal data at risk.The problem is that many of these extensions have good scores and ratings, mainly generated by the bots.

Profile Stalkers (Application)

Google Play is infested with applications that let you know who has visited my Facebook profile. One of the first on the list is Profile Stalkers For Facebook and again we find the same way of acting. In the description promises to give us key data to gossip about who visits us and other aspects of the profile.In addition, we also have a rating of four and a half stars over five and more than 80,000 comments. All this obeys again to the attack of the bots or false profiles.




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